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6 Things To Minimize Your Chances Of Getting A DUI After A Party

by Eva Holmes

The summer months are a great time for partying and enjoying pleasant weather with family and friends. However, it's important to be aware of the potential for DUIs on rides home after summer parties.

It's important to make a conscious effort to avoid DUIs when you attend parties. The following are six things you can do when you're out at parties this summer to avoid problems with the cops on your way home.

1. Arrange to have a designated driver beforehand

If you want to kick back and not worry, you need to have a designated driver to be absolutely certain that you won't have to deal with a DUI. Connect with a friend who doesn't drink who will be in attendance and see if you can arrange a ride home with him or her. 

2. Drink moderately or not at all

If you do drink and you need to drive yourself, try to limit yourself to one or two drinks to avoid going over the legal BAC limit. The best thing to do is avoid drinking completely to stay away from the attention of cops and any resulting DUI charges. 

3. Try to engage in activity rather than focusing on drinking

A lot of people have too much to drink at parties because they're not participating in other activities. Try to focus more on socializing or engaging in other entertainment or activities that are offered rather than drinking.

If you distract yourself with other entertainment options, you'll drink less and won't have to worry as much about DUI issues. 

4. Don't stay too long

If you're attending a party where there's a lot of drinking going on, it might be hard to avoid having a few too many drinks if you stay for a long time. Try to limit the amount of time you spend at parties with heavy drinking so that you leave before your BAC gets too high. 

5. Drink a glass of water after every drink

One way you can mitigate your drinking and avoid having too much is by setting a rule for yourself that you have a glass of water after every drink. This will mean that you'll drink less overall. 

6. Make sure you're eating while you consume alcohol

People become drunk faster when they're drinking on an empty stomach. If you eat a good meal before or while you're drinking, your body will consume the alcohol more slowly, and your BAC won't rise as high.