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How To Avoid Hurting Your OWI Case

by Eva Holmes

If you have been arrested and charged with an OWI, you might think that your situation is hopeless. However, OWI charges are often easier to beat than you might think. Police officers make mistakes all the time and your rights might have been violated. You'll only know whether you can beat your charges after speaking with an OWI lawyer.

Be Careful What You Say

When you have first been pulled over by a police officer, you will not want to spend too much time talking to the officer. You will be required to provide them with your driver's license, insurance, and registration. You must also comply with lawful orders. Otherwise, you should be careful what you say because it can be used against you. If you are at a checkpoint, consider politely asking if you are allowed to leave. If the officer allows you to go, drive away without saying anything else.

Request a Blood Test

You will want to request a blood test. This will increase the odds that you will be able to win your OWI case because a blood test is more accurate than a breathalyzer test. Police officers often choose a breathalyzer test because it's easier to use. However, a breathalyzer needs to be calibrated properly. There are also many ways in which a breathalyzer test can be thrown off.

Have an Independent Blood Test Carried Out

You will be allowed to have an independent blood test conducted. This is important because police departments sometimes do not store OWI blood tests correctly and you might end up with a blood test that is defective. 

Speak with a Lawyer

After your arrest, you will want to contact a lawyer and fully inform them about everything related to your case. You might be tempted to hide some details, but you should tell your lawyer everything. The information you provide is confidential and your lawyer will be better able to help you when they are fully informed.

It's important to never assume that you cannot win your OWI case. It's also important to fight as hard as you can to win your case. An OWI conviction might not only lead to jail time and fines but might also lead to your license being suspended. Each additional OWI conviction leads to more severe penalties. Therefore, it's important to fight as hard as you can to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

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