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Causing A Fatal Collision Due To DUI

by Eva Holmes

Sometimes the best way that many people find to cope with the stress of life is to drink alcohol. Unfortunately, getting into the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages on a daily basis can lead to an addiction that is difficult to overcome. If your addiction to alcohol led to you driving under the influence and causing a fatal collision, you should not wait too long before hiring a lawyer. The odds against you will become greater the longer that you wait, as it gives the prosecuting team a head start on gathering evidence. Do not assume that your life is doomed from the mistake you made, as a lawyer can help you in ways that you may not think are possible.

Why Do You Consume Alcohol?

Although causing a fatal collision after consuming alcohol is seen as inexcusable, a lawyer might be able to find an excuse. For example, do you consume alcohol because you are dealing with mental illness and do not know how else to cope with the disease? If you are suffering from mental illness, a lawyer can use it as a defense for your actions and recommend a lighter sentence. Even if you are not aware that you are mentally ill, a lawyer might suggest getting examined to find out if it played a role in your actions. He or she will also ask personal questions about your life regarding your journey to becoming an alcoholic.

How Often Do You Get Arrested?

Just because you committed a DUI offense that led to death, it does not make you a habitual criminal. If you did not have a prior arrest record before the collision, it can help with building your defense. If you have a prior arrest record, it is even more important to hire a lawyer. The prosecuting lawyer will use everything that is negative in your life against you, so you need a lawyer to defend you. A lawyer knows how to defend you in a professional manner, such as when it is wise to admit guilt rather than deny claims from the other party.

Do You Feel Any Remorse?

Another important aspect of building a good defense is your remorse regarding the fatal collision. A defendant who does not feel any remorse is more likely to receive the maximum penalty than a remorseful defendant. A lawyer will ask how the crime has affected you mentally, such as whether you are having sleepless nights or feel suicidal. Your remorse and overall character can help to obtain a lighter sentence.

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