Criminal Attorneys Aren't Just for Criminals

  • The Difference Between A Criminal Lawyer And A Public Defender

    4 November 2019

    When facing a criminal charge, you have the legal right to have an attorney assisting you with your case, and there are two main ways to get one. You can either hire one yourself and pay for it out of your pocket, or you could ask the court for one. One appointed by the court is referred to as a public defender. While a public defender and private attorney have things in common, they also have some differences, and here are several things to understand about these two things.

  • Various Forms Of Actions That Can Attract Stalking Accusations

    28 June 2019

    Many people think of stalking as the act of following someone around without the person's permission. However, following someone around is just one form of stalking; it can take other forms as well. Stalking is unwanted and repeated contact with another person, and the contact can take different forms. Below are other forms of stalking. Online Monitoring In this day and age, when many people have an online presence, you can be accused of stalking a person if you are constantly monitoring someone's online activities.

  • Resisting Arrest During A DWI Arrest

    18 April 2019

    You might think that being arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) is bad enough, but things can get worse. Your behavior and actions during the roadside stop can mean your DWI has enhanced counts and additional charges if you are not careful. Read on to find out more about keeping a cool head when stopped for suspicion of DWI. Unexpected Charges Many defendants are confounded when they end up with a resisting arrest charge.