Criminal Attorneys Aren't Just for Criminals

  • When And Why Do You Need Divorce Attorney Services?

    18 November 2021

    Divorce attorneys are also known as family law attorneys. They provide legal services to people that are ending their marriage. Their primary roles during a divorce process include filing documents for financial assets and other assets, filing child custody cases, and providing legal representation during hearings. When Do You Need a Divorce Attorney Services? You need divorce attorney services if you are filing either contested or uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce occurs when the two parties agree about the terms of their divorce, such as custody arrangements, division of property, etc.

  • What to Know About Criminal Discovery Techniques

    16 July 2021

    The road to innocence can be long, but putting up a proper defense is always well worth it. You might not be aware of certain legal maneuvers going on behind the scenes, but some of them are extremely important nevertheless. One major maneuver that can add months to the legal process is discovery. For a better understanding of how this pre-trial practice affects your case, read on to learn more.

  • How Does Evidence Get Into A Criminal Case?

    25 March 2021

    If a case is headed for trial under criminal law, one of the central issues is whether the prosecution will or won't be able to use certain pieces of evidence. A criminal law attorney will make an effort to keep the worst evidence from showing up at trial. If you're wondering how that might work in a case, here's how these things tend to go. Discovery Once it becomes clear that a case is heading to trial, the judge will order discovery.