Criminal Attorneys Aren't Just for Criminals

  • Challenging A Traffic Officer's Observations In Court

    14 September 2016

    Receiving a traffic ticket after an accident doesn't necessarily prove that you are responsible for the accident. However, that is the assumption the court will make unless you challenge the ticket, which is not easy, but possible. There are several ways of doing this, one of which involves challenging the observations of the police officer who issued the ticket. Here are three ways to do this: Statements of Witnesses Witnesses' statements are some of the most powerful tools you can have when mounting your challenge.

  • Why You Should Never Leave The Scene Of An Accident

    12 September 2016

    After an auto accident, adrenaline rushes through you. Whether you're at fault or not, fleeing the scene could be one of those thoughts you get. It's illegal in the United States to leave the scene of an accident. Here are four reasons why you shouldn't even attempt it. You Will Get Caught There will be someone who catches you leaving. This person could be a witness who sees your vehicle or someone who snapped a photo of your license plate.

  • 3 Things To Know About Appealing Your Criminal Conviction

    9 September 2016

    If you were just convicted of a crime and feel that the case was not tried properly or legally, you have options. The justice system allows convicted criminals opportunities to appeal convictions; however, this process is far from simple. If you are in these shoes right now and want to appeal your case, here are three things you need to know. You Must Do It Quickly To appeal a criminal conviction, you may have only 10 days to file your initial appeal request.

  • 3 Ways That A DUI Defense Lawyer Can Help If You Have Been Charged With A DUI

    6 September 2016

    It is likely never going to be a good thing when you are charged with a DUI. In some situations there may be nothing that a DUI defense lawyer can do to help you out, however, in other situations they may be able to help you out a great deal. While they likely can never remove your sentence altogether, they can help you to get certain bargains or simply to figure out what you should do.