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  • 6 Things To Minimize Your Chances Of Getting A DUI After A Party

    14 June 2018

    The summer months are a great time for partying and enjoying pleasant weather with family and friends. However, it's important to be aware of the potential for DUIs on rides home after summer parties. It's important to make a conscious effort to avoid DUIs when you attend parties. The following are six things you can do when you're out at parties this summer to avoid problems with the cops on your way home.

  • Suing For A Misdiagnosis: What You Need To Know

    12 January 2017

    There are a number of ways that you can be personally injured. Most people tend to think of car accidents, nursing home falls or something similar when they think of personal injuries. However, personal injuries can come in many forms, including that of a medical misdiagnosis. Believe it or not, a misdiagnosis is pretty common, yet it is completely preventable. Statistics show that roughly 12 million American adults are misdiagnosed every single year, which equates to one out of every 20 patients (adults only).

  • Can a Victim Impact Statement Make a Difference in Your Criminal Case?

    10 November 2016

    A victim impact statement is a written or verbal statement made by the victim of a crime, typically during the sentencing process. Sometimes these statements serve a crucial role in a criminal proceeding, and, other times, they don't serve a purpose at all, as far as the case goes. Here's what you need to know about victim impact statements. What the Impact Statement Accomplishes for the Victim The victim impact statement is very personal.

  • Unpaid Child Or Spousal Support? Learn How A Civil Matter Can Quickly Land You In Criminal Court

    5 October 2016

    Most of the time, child and spousal support enforcement measures are civil in nature. That means that the courts generally go after your money or any assets that you have in order to fulfill your legal obligation to your children. However, there has been a lot of focus in recent years on "deadbeat parents," and the courts are beginning to use a variety of laws to pursue criminal charges against those parents that won't pay up.

  • Denied Once Too Many Times By the VA?

    5 October 2016

    Most veterans have heard some kind of horror story about dealing with Veterans Affairs before getting out of the military. There's no shortage of advice about having your paperwork in exact order, being prepared to wait, and expecting a routine denial as some sort of initiation. Things are not the same for everyone, but with strict anti-fraud policies, it's understandable that a veteran's claim may be denied on the first review because of clerical errors.

  • Voter Fraud: What You Should Know Before You Cross That Line

    28 September 2016

    As the U.S. moves closer to its next Presidential election, allegations of election fraud are surfacing again. While there is a lot of dispute over how much of it actually happens, it's important to realize exactly what is considered voter fraud—and what can happen if you commit it. This is what you should know. What exactly is voter fraud and when does it happen? One of the most common times for voter fraud to occur is during registration.

  • 2 Defensive Strategies That Can Help You Beat Your Marijuana Possession Charges

    27 September 2016

    If you are currently being charged with the possession of marijuana and are going to trial, here are two defense strategies you should discuss with your criminal defense attorney that may help you beat the charges.  #1 Illegal Stop Or Search One of the best and most basic defenses is to have your attorney argue that the stop and search that resulted in marijuana being found in your possession was not legal.